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My training that my background is artistic.
I attended art school and fine arts with painting address, then I worked in FASHION in company with my husband Roberto photographer Peter Pezzolati, he and I together we formed a creative well-matched pair, which has produced numerous national and international publicity campaigns, the ‘ELITE communication projects Fashion, specialized agency based in Rimini and Milan.
This wealth of experience has served to develop my need to always find new ways of expression.
Independent creative now, never forgetting the graphics and photography, I decided to also give voice to a simple and immediate artistic expression and creative projects born from the desire to return to the manual of the things, for the pleasure of sinking their hands into the material, color, in this case by acting so disrespectful … in these photos strictly black and white.
The subjects so perfect and complete in their compositional architecture intervene adding splashes of color and a frame by the signs a little tribal, connoting the total view in an echo of distant countries, shots stopped in time crystallized in a dream, the merger of two visions intrepretazioni two merged sediments in a dance of images and signs.

Thanks to Roberto, who gave me the opportunity to blend our experiences in this project showing that it is a creative anywhere in any medium of expression with more heart and passion.

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